Simone Vallerotonda

SARDELLI: Baroque Concertos, Psalm, Chamber Music

As the composer, conductor, scholar and provocateur explains in his own notes, this is Baroque music for our time. Federico Maria Sardelli’s long experience researching and editing the music of Vivaldi leaves him perhaps ideally placed to recreate such music in his own image, which he does here with chamber, orchestral and vocal music that is less a pastiche, in which identity is obscured, than a defiant recreation of a past age. ‘It’s important for me to point out that I don’t compose “neo-Baroque” music, but Baroque music. It’s not a question of revisiting a musical idiom, or being influenced by it. What I do is breathe new life into a style that’s dead so that it regains its own original language and adheres to its own original criteria, expressing vibrant new ideas that are keeping with its identity.’

Orchestra Modo Antiquo
Simone Vallerotonda: Tiorba e Chitarra barocca