Simone Vallerotonda

La rêveuse

The new album ”La Rêveuse” includes 20 songs by eight French composers from the baroque music era. The cornerstone of the album is Marin Marais’ (1656–1728) piece ”La Rêveuse”, which leads the listener to a dreamy world of solitude. On this album Earthly Angels consists of four early music professionals; soprano Kajsa Dahlbäck who is the founder member of the group, Heidi Peltoniemi who plays the cello as well as viola da gamba and Aapo Häkkinen playing the harpsichord – all three from Finland alongside Italian Simone Vallerotonda who plays the theorbo, an instrument from the lute family. © Alba Records


Main artist: Kajsa Dahlback
Simone Vallerotonda: Tiorba